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   Thank You for Applying to the Vero Beach Home & Remodel Show!


*IMPORTANT*: You will be required to sign our hold harmless agreement  to be officially booked.  We will send this agreement to your email coming from a third party service called "EverSign." You electronically sign it, very easy and streamlined.

You will also get emailed info and an invoice from us. 


A $100.00 Deposit Will Be Required by the due date in the emailed invoice that will come to you shortly after your booking. Final balances will be due 30 days prior to the Friday set up day (We will remind you).  Failure to pay your deposit OR failure to sign the hold harmless agreement will result in your booking being deleted without notice.

Payment Options Below

  • We will email you an invoice for your deposit once we process your booking if you are accepted in to the event.  You will be able to pay by credit card through that invoice online. Or info for paying by phone, mailing a check or paying by PayPal will also be inside that invoice along with your booth number(s). 


In the meantime feel free to call or email us!

866 611 0442 OR 

Florida Home Show - Vero Beach
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